Logo and website Design, Hatcher Designs, Anchorage, Alaska
Hatcher Designs, Wasilla Alaska Website Design

Web Design Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Logo and website Design, Hatcher Designs, Anchorage, Alaska
Hatcher Designs, Wasilla Alaska Website Design

Web Design Services,
Wasilla, Alaska

Website Design, Wasilla Alaska
Joey Hatcher, Website Designer, Wasilla Alaska

World-Class Website Design Services Based in the greater Anchorage Area.

Web Design, Marketing Strategy, and Graphic Design Services for Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer and Eagle River, Alaska.

Web Designer, Joey Hatcher, provides top-notch creative concepts, custom-designed websites and marketing solutions. In addition to creating beautiful websites that stand out in today's crowded marketplace, Joey's focus is to provide solutions and services which will help your company to meet and exceed it's business goals. Hatcher Designs offers print design services as well. Meet the Designer

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Meet Joey.

My name is Joey Hatcher and I live in Wasilla, Alaska. Besides being a proud father and husband, my passion is creating elegant and engaging websites that solve my client's problems and help to grow their business. I love using great design and effective marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their goals by helping them to better connect with their potential customers. I dedicate time to understanding each business; their brand, goals and vision.

My aesthetic is clean and simple, yet engaging and functional. I believe a website, or any marketing collateral, should be easily digestible, engaging and lead the visitor to it's intended function. Many websites simply have "too much happening", which will often lead to loss of engagement and ultimately loss of sales conversion.

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Website design by Joey Hatcher, Alaska
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Fully responsive, mobile-friendly websites,
harnessing the power of WordPress.

Website design, Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River

Given the fact that most online visitors in 2016 are using mobile devices to view your website, it is more important than ever that websites are mobile-friendly and are able to dynamically change depending on the size of the screen (Android, iPad, etc.) All Hatcher Designs websites are responsive and mobile friendly.

These websites are also built on Wordpress, a hugely popular Content Management System that is used by 1/6 of websites on the internet (including companies like Best Buy and eBay).

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Say "Cheese!"

High quality photography and slick video packages available.

Hatcher Designs offers top-notch photography packages to those in Wasilla, Palmer, Eagle River and Anchorage, Alaska. This service includes photoshopping services.

Video production packages are also available to clients in the greater Anchorage area as well. This service includes pre-production which includes exploration and script-writing, video and audio production, as well as post production. Post production includes visual overlays and animations.

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Logo Design by Hatcher Designs, Wasilla, Palmer, Anchorage, Alaska

Need a logo? Or just a brand refresh?

Branding and logo design services for the Greater Anchorage area and Wasilla, Alaska

Hatcher Designs offers logo design services for those businesses that need a world-class logo. Sometimes a logo refresh or a complete logo redesign can make a huge difference in the perception of the quality of your business and it's product. A logo design package can be included with your new website.

Print design solutions are also offered at Hatcher Designs!

Print design for the greater Anchorage area and Wasilla, Alaska

Hatcher Designs also provides print design services to the greater Anchorage area. This includes stationary, poster, flyer, mailer, brochure, billboard design and much more!

You may view some additional logo work on the WORK page as well.


Video production services.

Video production services, Greater Anchorage and Wasilla Alaska

Hatcher Designs will also work with you to write, shoot and edit a commercial for your company. We use Black Magic Cinema equipment and include color grading and overlay motion graphics with your video production package.

Website Care Plans available!

In today's digital age, the maintenance of your website is more important than ever. Hatcher Designs offers a tiered selection of care plans. Offered features include daily backups, security audits and updates, SEO performance reports, content updates, and even copywriting services. These plans vary depending on the client's needs and include PROTECT, PROFESSIONAL and PREMIUM PLUS plans.

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Client Testimonials

Pacific Knives Website Creation

Joey Hatcher at Hatcher Designs was a life saver for Pacific Knives. My original website was lacking. It needed help from someone that is passionate about web design. He was great to work with and the site he created exceeded my expectations. His creativity has allowed me to focus on what I am passionate about. Thank you Joey for the detail and quality of work. 

Jonathon Gaige

CEO and Master Craftsman at Pacific Knives
Website Design, Lander Wy

Mr. Hatcher has done many jobs for us. He designed our webpage and rack card to be used by the Children's Museum. They both have a very professional look and get a great response from the public. Mr. Hatcher also worked to design all of the marking materials for our Annual Fundraiser and they are beautiful and make the event a class act. Mr. Hatcher is very detail oriented and produces not only quality work but spectacular images that promote our business and events in their best light. We continue to work with him and are absolutely satisfied with his commitment to quality.

Jody Shaw

Lander Children's Museum, Executive Director
Web design by Joey Hatcher, Wyoming

"Joey is swift with his work, readily available to answer questions or make recommendations, and thoughtful in his use of time and his clients' resources. The Wind River Eclipse website is a constantly changing site, and Joey has been patient, helpful, and considerate with each update we ask him to make."

Casey Adams

Wind River Visitors Council

Joey helped my daycare center come up with a logo, he spent a lot of time making sure every small detail was perfect and gave many great ideas during the process! I highly recommend Hatcher Designs, Joey pays close attention to details and works close with you to make sure his final product is exactly what YOU as a client want.

Nichole Barnes

Carefree Kids Daycare, Wasilla, Alaska

"I'm so happy to report I'm more than pleased-- I think you are extraordinarily gifted. You have captured the unexplainable essence of us perfectly. Such gratitude for you! Let's schedule a follow-up and get this thing launched! Really looking forward to your bringing new life/look/business intelligence/strategy to our now neglected FB presence."

Dr. Brian Kelleher

Dentist / Business Owner

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